lulz (trendreject) wrote in alk3_daily,

Autographed Shoes for Sale

Hi, I am currently trying to fund raise money to be able to by new gear for my trip to Australia this summer. Among ths things, I am selling are a pair of shoes signed by Alkaline Trio from the 2003 Warped Tour. I waited in line at the Rock Against Bush Booth for them to sign the shoes, they have only been worn once and that was before they were signed. If anyone is interested I can have the photos up in 15 minutes, I am very busy sorting through my things and do not want to take the time unless someone is interested. They are a size 10 pair of pink and black high top converse.

I am thinking about $20-$30 that includes shipping. Though if you are interested please comment on what you think might be reasonable.
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